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[2009-10-25|23:13.03] <&Varactor> Friends, I shall only be on for a minute or two -- but I wanted to share something with you.
[2009-10-25|23:13.33] <&Varactor> A little bit of perfection I found whilst cruising our beloved /b/.
[2009-10-25|23:13.41] <&Varactor>
[2009-10-25|23:13.42] <&Varactor>
[2009-10-25|23:13.42] <&Varactor>
[2009-10-25|23:13.54] <&Varactor> Oh, how I wish I knew her -- I would make ceaseless love to her.
[2009-10-25|23:14.12] <&Varactor> Absolutely delicious, my friends.
[2009-10-25|23:15.21] <&Varactor> If only we could get the "dox drop" on this woman, I might even get into my car for a road trip...
[2009-10-25|23:15.24] <&Varactor> But I digress.
[2009-10-25|23:15.36] <&snorlax> why did you paste it three times
[2009-10-25|23:15.40] <&snorlax> you tricked me into clicking each link!
[2009-10-25|23:15.47] <accidentally_> for emphasis man
[2009-10-25|23:15.47] <&Varactor> Oh, sorry about that.
[2009-10-25|23:15.57] <&Varactor> But yes, for emphasis, and for ease in clicking.
[2009-10-25|23:15.57] <&snorlax> why did she have to raise her arm
[2009-10-25|23:16.16] <&Varactor> I saved the picture so I can show my wife, and tell her that's what I want her to look like.
[2009-10-25|23:16.22] <&Varactor> Wonder how she'll react...
[2009-10-25|23:16.27] <&snorlax> o_o
[2009-10-25|23:16.29] <&Varactor> Hopefully well.
[2009-10-25|23:16.31] <&snorlax> you're serious?
[2009-10-25|23:16.43] <&Varactor> Either way, I definitely think she's a specimen of beauty.
[2009-10-25|23:16.46] <&Varactor> Yes, I'm quite serious.
[2009-10-25|23:16.52] <&snorlax> lol
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