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[2009-10-26|02:22.48] <&RizBow> sometimes i let out monster farts
[2009-10-26|02:22.55] <&RizBow> repeatedly
[2009-10-26|02:23.00] <&RizBow> and they stink bad, of sulfur
[2009-10-26|02:23.17] <&RizBow> and i’m in a area with a group of people
[2009-10-26|02:23.26] <&RizBow> and the air is confined
[2009-10-26|02:23.28] <&RizBow> and no one says anything
[2009-10-26|02:23.36] <&RizBow> do they know it’s me? maybe they don’t want me to feel bad
[2009-10-26|02:23.47] <&RizBow> cause if they didn’t know, they would be like... who’s laying the dirty bombs
[2009-10-26|02:24.52] <&RizBow> these farts take 3 to 5 seconds to clear my ass, and they’re silent so the volume of gas being released is no joke. i can feel my gut shrinking when i let these out
[2009-10-26|02:24.57] <&RizBow> and i let out 1 every 5 minutes
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