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[2009-12-06|11:35.47] <&J-kun> I mean easiest colonoscopy ever
[2009-12-06|11:35.55] <&J-kun> the doctor could just stick his whole fucking head in there
[2009-12-06|11:36.03] <Tander> But would he?
[2009-12-06|11:36.15] <&J-kun> probably not I'd just ice the guy
[2009-12-06|11:36.34] <&J-kun> I mean if your asshole is so loose that you can fit five (FIVE!) dildos in it, odds are that shit doesn't stay in you
[2009-12-06|11:36.43] <&J-kun> it just falls out as if you were a farm animal
[2009-12-06|11:36.46] <&J-kun> you've seen it
[2009-12-06|11:36.52] <&J-kun> goats just walk around being goats
[2009-12-06|11:37.00] <&J-kun> and every once in a while a huge load of shit will just fall right out of them
[2009-12-06|11:37.14] <&J-kun> they won't even stop walking around and being goats
[2009-12-06|11:37.53] <&J-kun> I want my fuckholes to be as tight as possible
[2009-12-06|11:38.15] <&J-kun> cuz I've fucked some loose holes in my day
[2009-12-06|11:38.22] <&J-kun> and that was pretty bad
[2009-12-06|11:38.24] <&J-kun> but nothing like that
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