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[2009-10-21|17:18.55] <[heh]age> are you going to tell me why i'm in trouble now...
[2009-10-21|17:19.04] <[heh]age> you know i live for conflict...
[2009-10-21|17:19.26] <~King_John> i told you to spill the beans in order to make your punishment more lenient
[2009-10-21|17:19.53] <[heh]age> i am pleading the fifth
[2009-10-21|17:20.14] <&nynnie> don't do it age
[2009-10-21|17:20.16] <~King_John> you arent black
[2009-10-21|17:20.24] <~King_John> you cant plead the fif
[2009-10-21|17:20.26] <&nynnie> he makes you think you did something wrong so you admit to things he didn't know you did
[2009-10-21|17:20.31] <&nynnie> then he beats you ._.
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