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[2011-03-30|18:45.33] * Matchu is a dendrophile
[2011-03-30|18:45.44] * Matchu rubs tree leaves in his crotch
[2011-03-30|18:45.49] <Matchu> Mmmm
[2011-03-30|18:45.58] * Matchu looks at the oak tree out back
[2011-03-30|18:46.03] <Matchu>
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[03:02|09:42.34] <Scarecrow> I want to shove my thermal paste coated silver-sword into the hole of my decapitated foe, jizzing straight into his lungs while I yell out my family's motto in hebrew
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[03:02|09:41.20] <@BootyMcHouse> When our grandchildren ask  "Granddad, how did other granddad afford to move to England?"
[03:02|09:41.29] <@BootyMcHouse> The answer will not be "He got paid to sand people's dicks"
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[03:02|09:34.11] <@John> no computer is perfect
[03:02|09:34.28] <Scarecrow> mine is
[03:02|09:34.41] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:34.47] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:34.50] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:34.53] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:35.08] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:35.11] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:35.22] <@J-kun> quoted
[03:02|09:35.29] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:35.33] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:35.37] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:35.39] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:35.41] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:35.44] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:35.46] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:35.49] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:35.51] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:35.54] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.02] <@Runt> I think this is the longest conversation you two have ever had
[03:02|09:36.04] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.16] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.18] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.18] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.19] <Tsel> this is absurd
[03:02|09:36.21] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.21] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.22] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.22] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.24] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.24] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.25] <@Runt> THIS IS SPARTA
[03:02|09:36.27] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.27] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.28] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.28] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.29] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.29] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.30] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.30] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.32] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.32] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.34] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.34] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.35] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.35] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.37] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.37] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.40] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.40] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.41] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.41] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.41] * Tsel is laughing his balls off
[03:02|09:36.43] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.43] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.44] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.44] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.46] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.46] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.48] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.48] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.50] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.50] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.52] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.52] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.54] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.54] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.56] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.56] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:36.58] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:36.58] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:37.00] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:37.00] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:37.10] <Scarecrow> it is
[03:02|09:37.10] <@John> nope
[03:02|09:37.18] <Scarecrow> my hands are getting tired :(
[03:02|09:37.24] <@John> mine ain't
[03:02|09:37.34] <Scarecrow> you're so mean john
[03:02|09:37.37] <Scarecrow> do you have perfect hands?
[03:02|09:37.41] <@John> yes
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[29:03|23:19.12] <FlopPrince> I'll just let you know that the owner of MG and lurkmoar, is straight and can be kinda mean sometimes. :P
[29:03|23:19.47] <John> you messaged the wrong person
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[4:39pm] Beo: Because I was bored in class, I wrote general formulas for expected phenotypic ratios from an F1 cross when P is homozygous for two traits, both dominant and recessive, with recombination rate r
[4:39pm] Beo: What is wrong with me
[4:40pm] J-kun: you're fat
[4:40pm] Scarecrow: ^
[4:40pm] Runt: ^^
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<BootyMcHouse> He's asleep!
<BootyMcHouse> He won't even know!
<Runt> it's logic like that that leads to cheating on people ._.
<Runt> you bad bad man
<BootyMcHouse> Oh lord
<BootyMcHouse> Getting an egg mcmuffin is not the same as cheating
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[08:32am] John: i have perfect everything
[08:32am] John: failures
[08:32am] Scarecrow: John, your girlfiend isn't perfect
[08:33am] John: i'm not talking about the things i own
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[21:05:32] <nd> and if you made a site dedicated to little girls
[21:05:34] <John> it was three girls in a huddle
[21:05:35] <nd> that would be even worse
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[09:41am] BootyMcHouse: If I don't tidy
[09:41am] BootyMcHouse: Jaime sleeps in the living room
[09:42am] Runt: With your brother ;3
[09:43am] BootyMcHouse: exactly ._______.
[09:43am] BootyMcHouse: Scrub scrub scrub
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[2010-12-09|12:11.50] <@J-kun> I'll let you two duke this one out
[2010-12-09|12:11.52] <@John> sounds like you have a problem
[2010-12-09|12:11.53] <@J-kun> I have to take a shit and shower and all that
[2010-12-09|12:11.57] <@John> i already took my shit
[2010-12-09|12:11.59] <Locutus> about 4 years ago
[2010-12-09|12:11.59] <@John> i've got all day
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[8:51pm] J-kun: and this is a judgment-free zone
[8:51pm] J-kun: unless you're a tranny
[8:51pm] J-kun: or black
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[09:23am] <J-kun> and you know what I normally have scheduled on the weekends?
[09:23am] <Beo> Sex?
[09:23am] <Runt> Helping the poor?
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[23:13:54] <John> i figured it out
[23:14:03] <John> the reason there are so many god damned fags these days
[23:14:07] <John> is drugs
[23:14:17] <John> and the more emo the faggot is
[23:14:21] <John> the more faggot drugs he does
[23:14:26] <John> i'm a genius
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[2010-08-06|19:50.36] * John is now known as King_John
[2010-08-06|19:50.42] <@J-kun> the return
[2010-08-06|19:50.46] <@J-kun> of his highness
[2010-08-06|19:51.10] * King_John is now known as John
[2010-08-06|19:51.23] <@J-kun> all great things must come to an end
[2010-08-06|19:51.25] <BootyMcHouse> The king is dead
[2010-08-06|19:51.27] <BootyMcHouse> Long live the king
[2010-08-06|19:51.31] <@J-kun> long may he reign in our hearts
[2010-08-06|19:52.44] * Quits: @J-kun (~J-kun@ (Quit: J-kun)
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<@J-kun> and I'm like yeah motherfucker don't look me in the eye
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[11:20:21] <ckx> yugioh competitions can be pretty legit
[11:20:26] <Jatz> look,
[11:20:29] <@drinkycrow> <ckx> yugioh competitions can be pretty legit
[11:20:35] <ckx> I dunno about pokemon though lol that game is kind of silly
[11:20:46] <@drinkycrow> lmao
[11:20:51] <nago_> ckx, pokemon competitions are pretty legit too
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[11:30am] Psyphore: John, do you know Remingtons
[11:30am] Psyphore: that male strip club on Yonge
[11:30am] Psyphore: It's by Zanzibar and the Brass Rail
[11:30am] John: yes
[11:30am] John: what about it
[11:31am] Psyphore: This dude from there wants to put it in me.
[11:31am] Psyphore: His penis looks like it would hurt more than Gods love
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[23:22:08] <compguy> we are going to need pics
[23:22:17] <andrew> also pics of your anus
[23:22:24] <compguy> :|
[23:22:46] <andrew> make sure to write shobon around the hole so it isnt gay
[23:23:21] <@drinkycrow> lopl
[23:23:41] <@drinkycrow> if there's a rubber dick in it but i write shobon around it is it still not gay?
[23:23:52] <andrew> it's legit
[23:24:06] <andrew> shobon takes precedence
[23:24:12] <andrew> it's like the order of operations, but for assholes
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[22:24:37] <age> you can't train a car to make love to you
[22:24:48] <whoreface> right?
[22:24:52] <age> the best part about turning an animal into your lover is that he thinks he's just performing another trick
[22:24:56] <age> all he wants is his treat
Quote: 21; Rating: 5; [+|-]
[18:11:42] <whoreface> it's a shame that they would silence a revolutionary like that
[18:12:36] <age> now i know how norman rockwell felt when he tried to publish his collection of boudoir paintings
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[17:53:35] <John> hey age
[17:53:39] <John> do you have the current admin info
[17:53:43] <age> i'm a catoholic
[17:53:44] <age> no, i dont
[17:53:47] <age> and you'll probably say
[17:53:49] <age> "good"
[17:53:52] <age> very funny, john
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[11:48:13] <keroro> you poop thick chocolate milkshake right
[11:48:24] <nynnie> pink marshmallows
[11:48:32] <Garn> it brings all the boys to the yard
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[2010-06-07|19:32.01] <alex> very familure
Quote: 25; Rating: 18; [+|-]
[01:34:31] <Jamie> downs is not good
[01:34:34] <Jamie> i coudllnt tap that
[01:34:47] <Jamie> that would be sick
[01:34:57] <!clairvoyantDoppelganger> if by 'sick'
[01:34:57] <Jamie> not sick in a good way
[01:35:00] <!clairvoyantDoppelganger> you mean 'epic'
Quote: 26; Rating: 4; [+|-]
[01:15:31] <Jamie> cause AC18D
[01:15:34] <Jamie> tried to rape him
[01:15:39] <Jamie> and force himt o suck cock
[01:15:43] <AC18D> lol
[01:15:44] <Jamie> that fish
[01:15:48] <Jamie> was actually AC18D's dick
[01:15:54] <AC18D> i havent been sucked off before
[01:15:57] <AC18D> ownd
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20:32 < Jamie> bullGod,
20:32 < Jamie> we need to create a new internet
20:33 < Jamie> with our own hardware
20:33 <&bullGod> how the hell are we going to assemble that many cats?
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[17:11:40] <NotSoVibrant> yeah that was my problem
[17:11:45] <NotSoVibrant> i assumed girls liked action hero types
[17:11:48] <NotSoVibrant> actually, only boys do
[17:11:54] <+whoreface> srs
[17:12:06] <+whoreface> bitches r dum tbh
[17:12:08] <NotSoVibrant> the irony is that faggots like real men
[17:12:13] <NotSoVibrant> and women like faggots
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[4:02pm] Kuba: When I was going out with whoami when he fingered me that was great though.
[4:02pm] J-kun: well yeah I bet you got high as fuck from the weed residue under that disgusting hippie's nails
Quote: 30; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[3:59pm] J-kun: dates are for girls
[3:59pm] Kuba: I like dates!
[3:59pm] J-kun: and you're a tranny
[3:59pm] J-kun: theory holds
[3:59pm] Kuba: I'm not a tranny.
[3:59pm] Kuba: I'm a crossdresser!
Quote: 31; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2010-05-19|12:17.52] <Psyphive> i can't I have to go dance with gays
Quote: 32; Rating: 4; [+|-]
[2010-05-07|11:17.06] <alex_> curb stop the fuckers
Quote: 33; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[2010-04-28|19:01.00] <@J-kun> as you know, revenge is a dish best served by riding on my penis
Quote: 34; Rating: 12; [+|-]
<Almond-Tea> my most recent ex is some kid called anongcb
<Almond-Tea> he camwhored on /men/
<Almond-Tea> i sold my xbox for train tickets to see him
<Almond-Tea> it ended a week after that
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[2010-01-31|13:30.24] <alex_> fuck
[2010-01-31|13:30.28] <alex_> fuck fuck fuck
[2010-01-31|13:30.33] <alex_> fucking hate my parents
[2010-01-31|13:30.41] <alex_> new this would happen
[2010-01-31|13:31.14] <alex_> gonna start charging me to live at home -_-
[2010-01-31|13:31.20] <alex_> wish theyd just die
Quote: 36; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2010-01-21|12:09.33] <NotSoVibrant> you never hear like "many people died today when athiest rebels bombed an agnostic strong hold"
Quote: 37; Rating: 5; [+|-]
[2010-01-20|10:48.45] <King_John> Windows2003 Uptime: 4wks 9hrs 57mins 14secs Best: 4wks 9hrs 57mins 14secs
[2010-01-20|10:48.52] <King_John> moo: os: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Professional x64 Edition - Service Pack 2 (5.2.3790) up: 4wks 9hrs 57mins 18secs cpu: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ (x64) at 2207MHz (2% Load) gfx: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB res: 1280x1024 32bit 85Hz ram: 832/2047.1MB (40.63%) [||||------] hdd: C:\ 55.58GB/69.25GB D:\ 156.76GB/931.51GB E:\ 35.88GB/465.76GB F:\ 150.04GB/297.97GB G:\ 297.89GB/297.97GB H:\ 34.5GB/465.76GB I:\ 84.05GB/297.97GB net: Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller - 100MB/s -1.48GB In 1.71GB Out
Quote: 38; Rating: 18; [+|-]
[2010-01-14|16:25.58] <&Ed> os[Linux 2.6.31-17-generic i686] SHIT!
[2010-01-14|16:39.22] <&Ed> 17 is the biggest DILDO! they make them
Quote: 39; Rating: 14; [+|-]
[2010-01-11|08:21.24] <&GAMESANDMOAR> cuz if its a girl, im going to put make her lesbian
Quote: 40; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[2010-01-09|20:00.14] <shadowtrap> what steffan, not trolling me today?
[2010-01-09|20:01.25] <&nd> shut the fuck up you diseased broken freak
[2010-01-09|20:04.02] * Quits: shadowtrap ( (Quit: FUCKDOODLES!)
Quote: 41; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[2010-01-05|23:25.35] <&King_John> what if their women start secreting semen from their vagina and they have to slither together with other women and they impregnate each other
[2010-01-05|23:26.01] <&J-kun> kj that's already the case in japan
[2010-01-05|23:26.16] <&J-kun> the ones with the bigger clits and smaller nipples are the males
Quote: 42; Rating: 14; [+|-]
[2010-01-04|15:22.47] <%Keroro> so much sex my dick will be sore(again)
[2010-01-04|15:22.55] <@Runt> :3
[2010-01-04|15:22.57] <@Runt> sorry
[2010-01-04|15:23.35] * Quits: @Runt (Bandit@E146D205.3FC691C6.1C31A00.IP) (Broken pipe)
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[2009-12-19|13:00.29] * Joins: lexy
[2009-12-19|13:01.56] <lexy> umm, i have a question...
[2009-12-19|13:05.28] <~King_John> that's good
[2009-12-19|13:24.01] * Quits: lexy
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[2009-12-06|11:35.47] <&J-kun> I mean easiest colonoscopy ever
[2009-12-06|11:35.55] <&J-kun> the doctor could just stick his whole fucking head in there
[2009-12-06|11:36.03] <Tander> But would he?
[2009-12-06|11:36.15] <&J-kun> probably not I'd just ice the guy
[2009-12-06|11:36.34] <&J-kun> I mean if your asshole is so loose that you can fit five (FIVE!) dildos in it, odds are that shit doesn't stay in you
[2009-12-06|11:36.43] <&J-kun> it just falls out as if you were a farm animal
[2009-12-06|11:36.46] <&J-kun> you've seen it
[2009-12-06|11:36.52] <&J-kun> goats just walk around being goats
[2009-12-06|11:37.00] <&J-kun> and every once in a while a huge load of shit will just fall right out of them
[2009-12-06|11:37.14] <&J-kun> they won't even stop walking around and being goats
[2009-12-06|11:37.53] <&J-kun> I want my fuckholes to be as tight as possible
[2009-12-06|11:38.15] <&J-kun> cuz I've fucked some loose holes in my day
[2009-12-06|11:38.22] <&J-kun> and that was pretty bad
[2009-12-06|11:38.24] <&J-kun> but nothing like that
Quote: 45; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[2009-12-04|01:59.21] <+age> do whales have huge sperm
[2009-12-04|02:03.18] <~King_John> yes
[2009-12-04|02:04.34] <&LordXenu> i'd imagine
[2009-12-04|02:06.28] <&LordXenu> but i don't know for sure
[2009-12-04|02:06.34] <&LordXenu> because if i google whale sperm, all i get is sperm whale
[2009-12-04|02:06.39] <&LordXenu> what kinda jackass gave it that name
Quote: 46; Rating: 15; [+|-]
<Kuba> Also: Britfags have our moments of stupidity to.
Quote: 47; Rating: 21; [+|-]
<J-kun> the stuff that looks like it comes out of my asshole when I'm sick
<BootyMcHouse> Yes
<BootyMcHouse> That stuff
<BootyMcHouse> That delicious stuff
Quote: 48; Rating: 10; [+|-]
Cor> I like this headline, "Obese kids are coronary time bombs"
<Nutjob> Fat boy, meet your match.
<Runt> man we're gonna get fat kid all over everything
* alex_  attempts to defuse
<alex_>  cut the red artery or the blue artery :/
<Nutjob> lol you're terrible
<alex_>  *snip*
Quote: 49; Rating: 11; [+|-]
<BootyMcHouse> I'll settle for it not breaking in the middle of fapping like yesterday ¬_¬
Quote: 50; Rating: 8; [+|-]
[2009-11-06|19:38.59] * Guest50635 is now known as nex
[2009-11-06|19:39.07] <nex> msg nickserv identify v00d00
[2009-11-06|19:39.31] -> *nickserv* ghost nex v00d00
[2009-11-06|19:39.32] * Quits: nex ( (NickServ (GHOST command used by King_John))
[2009-11-06|19:39.32] -NickServ- Ghost with your nick has been killed.
Quote: 51; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[2009-11-01|05:40.18] <&nex> I smell like beer.
Quote: 52; Rating: 9; [+|-]
(22:45:23) (@nightshroud) Most annoying bug lately is that Lyx "crashes" every few minutes, except it doesn't. The program is fine. The OS just keeps thinking it crashed and pesters me about it.
(22:45:41) (@nago__) It just works.
Quote: 53; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[2009-10-28|12:00.25] <&Stefan> only cause its fun
[2009-10-28|12:00.31] <@Jamie> not rly
[2009-10-28|12:00.43] <&Stefan> and youre an argumentitive little twat
[2009-10-28|12:00.56] <@Jamie>   no im not
Quote: 54; Rating: 11; [+|-]
[2009-10-30|15:47.17] <Deed> I just, from time to time, enjoy looking at colourful, fuzzy pornography.
Quote: 55; Rating: 17; [+|-]
[2009-10-30|12:38.36] <~King_John> hey age
[2009-10-30|12:38.38] <~King_John> you like to troll so much
[2009-10-30|12:38.45] <~King_John> why dont you go to #/b/
[2009-10-30|12:38.52] <[heh]age> im sure it's boring
[2009-10-30|12:38.53] <[heh]age> and stupid
[2009-10-30|12:39.08] <[heh]age> there's no point in trolling a bunch of teens and twenty somethings
[2009-10-30|12:39.11] <[heh]age> who all think they're expert trolls
[2009-10-30|12:39.41] <[heh]age> and i don't know why you think i like to troll anyone that's not even true... you don't even know me john
Quote: 56; Rating: 10; [+|-]
(23:41:03) * &nex snuggles whoreface
(23:41:14) (~FredFredburger) i could use irl snuggles
(23:41:16) (~FredFredburger) it's been so long
(23:41:18) (~FredFredburger) ;_;
(23:41:25) (~Danno) me too :(
(23:41:27) (~Danno) oh wait
(23:41:29) (~Danno) no it hasn't
(23:41:30) (&nex) I wish I could snuggle you both rl =[
(23:41:33) (~Danno) i just dumped her
(23:41:41) (~Danno) although you can't snuggle with a skeleton
(23:41:48) (~Danno) it's more of a... propping action
Quote: 57; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[2009-10-28|22:46.22] <skye> hmm, I'm depressed.
[2009-10-28|22:46.55] <@King_John> no one cares
[2009-10-28|22:53.05] <Vicious> D:
[2009-10-28|22:56.07] <skye> k thx bai
[2009-10-28|22:56.10] * Quits: skye (chatzilla@D16E51C7.D05A2969.2489364D.IP) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.5.3/20090824101458])
Quote: 58; Rating: 1; [+|-]
[2009-10-28|22:50.32] <@Kevin> your gay
[2009-10-28|22:50.40] <@Kevin> like you're two fathers
[2009-10-28|22:50.59] <&nex> K. You know you got the you're and the your around the wrong way, right?
[2009-10-28|22:51.11] <&King_John> you are a moron
Quote: 59; Rating: 15; [+|-]
[2009-10-28|22:47.08] <&nex> Ohf uck up, I am not an emo.
Quote: 60; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2009-10-28|22:40.34] <&nex> Fffuuu. I have to take out my piercings and cover my tats for my job interviews.
[2009-10-28|22:42.17] <&King_John> hey fatty
[2009-10-28|22:42.20] <&King_John> no one will hire you
[2009-10-28|22:42.23] <&King_John> you are fat
[2009-10-28|22:42.27] <&Deathcrush> ^
[2009-10-28|22:42.36] <&King_John> also a woman
[2009-10-28|22:42.38] <&King_John> and women are dumb
[2009-10-28|22:42.39] <&nex> This is true. I am however good at whatever job I do.
[2009-10-28|22:42.41] <&King_John> fat dumb woman
[2009-10-28|22:42.42] <&Deathcrush> First funny thing I've heard in here all day.
[2009-10-28|22:42.45] <&Deathcrush> Thank you King_John.
[2009-10-28|22:42.48] <&King_John> np
Quote: 61; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[2009-10-28|22:40.55] <iodine> im not letting you fucking up with lyssa go ^^ it fucking hilarious
Quote: 62; Rating: 10; [+|-]
(18:33:23) (~Danno) she just says stupid shit
(18:33:27) (~whoreface) oh yeah
(18:33:40) (&elementalgirl) i'm talking to dapper you nigger
(18:33:52) (~Danno) the reason i can deal with nex is because she's pretty intelligent
(18:34:03) (~Danno) the others that have passed through here astound me with their stupidity
(18:34:12)  -› Join: Isabella (
Quote: 63; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[2009-10-27|15:04.56] <&Ed> it's laid SLUT! out well
[2009-10-27|15:05.09] <&King_John> i lay sluts out well
Quote: 64; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[2009-10-27|11:54.20] * &nex slaps nd
[2009-10-27|11:56.12] * &nd slaps nex's pussy until it's redder than her sister's hair
[2009-10-27|11:57.42] <&nex> I don't have any cats.
[2009-10-27|11:58.00] <&King_John> he's talking about your vagina, you retarded whore
Quote: 65; Rating: 11; [+|-]
[2009-10-26|11:25.33] <~plustax> King_John i don liek males
[2009-10-26|11:25.41] <~plustax> i like person like elementalgirl
[2009-10-26|11:25.47] <&King_John> retards?
Quote: 66; Rating: 6; [+|-]
[2009-10-26|03:27.37] <&Shit> tl;dr
[2009-10-26|03:30.50] <&RizBow> just like your school books you ignorant shit
Quote: 67; Rating: 4; [+|-]
[2009-10-26|02:51.25] <incognito>
[2009-10-26|02:51.47] <&error> i came
Quote: 68; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2009-10-26|02:22.48] <&RizBow> sometimes i let out monster farts
[2009-10-26|02:22.55] <&RizBow> repeatedly
[2009-10-26|02:23.00] <&RizBow> and they stink bad, of sulfur
[2009-10-26|02:23.17] <&RizBow> and i’m in a area with a group of people
[2009-10-26|02:23.26] <&RizBow> and the air is confined
[2009-10-26|02:23.28] <&RizBow> and no one says anything
[2009-10-26|02:23.36] <&RizBow> do they know it’s me? maybe they don’t want me to feel bad
[2009-10-26|02:23.47] <&RizBow> cause if they didn’t know, they would be like... who’s laying the dirty bombs
[2009-10-26|02:24.52] <&RizBow> these farts take 3 to 5 seconds to clear my ass, and they’re silent so the volume of gas being released is no joke. i can feel my gut shrinking when i let these out
[2009-10-26|02:24.57] <&RizBow> and i let out 1 every 5 minutes
Quote: 69; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|23:22.26] <accidentally_> you want internet enlightment?
[2009-10-25|23:22.35] <accidentally_> *enlightenment
[2009-10-25|23:22.41] <&snorlax> i've already attained it, mon frere!
[2009-10-25|23:22.44] <&snorlax> your mom helped me.
Quote: 70; Rating: 14; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|23:13.03] <&Varactor> Friends, I shall only be on for a minute or two -- but I wanted to share something with you.
[2009-10-25|23:13.33] <&Varactor> A little bit of perfection I found whilst cruising our beloved /b/.
[2009-10-25|23:13.41] <&Varactor>
[2009-10-25|23:13.42] <&Varactor>
[2009-10-25|23:13.42] <&Varactor>
[2009-10-25|23:13.54] <&Varactor> Oh, how I wish I knew her -- I would make ceaseless love to her.
[2009-10-25|23:14.12] <&Varactor> Absolutely delicious, my friends.
[2009-10-25|23:15.21] <&Varactor> If only we could get the "dox drop" on this woman, I might even get into my car for a road trip...
[2009-10-25|23:15.24] <&Varactor> But I digress.
[2009-10-25|23:15.36] <&snorlax> why did you paste it three times
[2009-10-25|23:15.40] <&snorlax> you tricked me into clicking each link!
[2009-10-25|23:15.47] <accidentally_> for emphasis man
[2009-10-25|23:15.47] <&Varactor> Oh, sorry about that.
[2009-10-25|23:15.57] <&Varactor> But yes, for emphasis, and for ease in clicking.
[2009-10-25|23:15.57] <&snorlax> why did she have to raise her arm
[2009-10-25|23:16.16] <&Varactor> I saved the picture so I can show my wife, and tell her that's what I want her to look like.
[2009-10-25|23:16.22] <&Varactor> Wonder how she'll react...
[2009-10-25|23:16.27] <&snorlax> o_o
[2009-10-25|23:16.29] <&Varactor> Hopefully well.
[2009-10-25|23:16.31] <&snorlax> you're serious?
[2009-10-25|23:16.43] <&Varactor> Either way, I definitely think she's a specimen of beauty.
[2009-10-25|23:16.46] <&Varactor> Yes, I'm quite serious.
[2009-10-25|23:16.52] <&snorlax> lol
Quote: 71; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2009-10-26|08:40.04] <&LobsterMan>
[2009-10-26|08:49.22] <&ZubMessiah> LobsterMan
[2009-10-26|08:49.26] <&ZubMessiah> that is the best video ever
[2009-10-26|08:49.27] <&ZubMessiah> EVER
Quote: 72; Rating: 14; [+|-]
(00:34:52) ([iG]xfu) bitches love a man grocery shoppin'
(00:38:09) (muleh) that's because there's never dudes at the grocery store
(00:38:25) (muleh) when there is one all the women flock
(00:39:19) (&incognito) sluts
Quote: 73; Rating: 20; [+|-]
(00:07:48) (@badfish) some guy got a dildo stuck in his butt last night
(00:08:03) (@nightshroud) That's dangerous if it doesn't flat out on one end.
(00:08:07) (@nightshroud) flare out
(00:08:09) (@badfish) ...
(00:08:21) (@nago_) lol
(00:08:22) (@Toba) dick flare
(00:08:33) (@compguy) what if it's not even a dildo?
(00:08:43) (@Toba) normally the flare is a dude
Quote: 74; Rating: 11; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|21:58.14] <@nex> King_John, I find you amusing.
[2009-10-25|21:58.20] <&King_John> i find you retarded
Quote: 75; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|12:08.00] <&nynnie> I'M BLIND
[2009-10-25|12:08.11] <NotSoVibrant> why
[2009-10-25|12:08.18] <NotSoVibrant> john finally stab your eyes out?
[2009-10-25|12:08.57] <&snorlax> obvious answer: she looked in a mirror
Quote: 76; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|10:20.32] <&ZubMessiah> im gay
[2009-10-25|10:20.32] <&ZubMessiah> irl
Quote: 77; Rating: 5; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|07:58.56] <dockvictim> you don't support random jizzing?
[2009-10-25|07:59.06] <&snorlax> only rapists do, dockvictim
Quote: 78; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|07:58.56] <dockvictim> you don't support random jizzing?
[2009-10-25|07:59.06] <&snorlax> only rapists do, dockvictim
Quote: 79; Rating: 11; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|08:10.43] <&ZubMessiah> ugh poop on dick = not as much fun as it so nds
Quote: 80; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|09:26.12] <Nico>
[2009-10-25|09:27.27] <&ZubMessiah> IDK about you Nico
[2009-10-25|09:27.29] <&ZubMessiah> but i'm hard now
Quote: 81; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|09:49.47] <~nexaway> whoreface may be a furry, but he is my furry.
[2009-10-25|09:49.51] <~nexaway> Therefore I forgive him.
[2009-10-25|09:50.28] <&ZubMessiah> watch out for fleas
[2009-10-25|09:50.38] <Nico> And STDs.
[2009-10-25|09:50.45] <&ZubMessiah> silly Nico
[2009-10-25|09:50.50] <&ZubMessiah> foxes don't have STDs
[2009-10-25|09:50.53] <&ZubMessiah> They have mange
Quote: 82; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|10:19.14] <&Dates> mew?
[2009-10-25|10:19.19] <&King_John> you disgust me
Quote: 83; Rating: 5; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|09:53.01] <&ZubMessiah>
[2009-10-25|09:53.02] <@[Z]algo> YouTube Parser »»» Name: NINJA MAGIC: The way of life  - Author: TheGothicNinja - Created: 05/17/06 12:41 PM - Views: 109,856 - Rating: 4.66 - Duration: 3:22
[2009-10-25|09:53.05] <&ZubMessiah> the best music
[2009-10-25|09:53.06] <&ZubMessiah> ever
[2009-10-25|09:54.28] <~nexaway> Ninjas were worse than rapists in terms of social standing, back in the day.
[2009-10-25|09:54.32] <~nexaway> But nice vid.
[2009-10-25|09:54.42] <&ZubMessiah> THE WAY OF THE NINJA IS THE WAY OF LIFE
[2009-10-25|09:54.48] <&ZubMessiah> RAPE IS LIFE
Quote: 84; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2009-10-24|03:00.10] <+dani> i have boobs and vag for you...
Quote: 85; Rating: 19; [+|-]
[2009-10-25|00:01.29] <~whoreface>
[2009-10-25|00:01.30] <~whoreface> lol'd
[2009-10-25|00:01.39] <~whoreface> nex
[2009-10-25|00:02.30] <@λ> I've done that
[2009-10-25|00:02.34] <@λ> works out quite well
[2009-10-25|00:05.14] <&Dates> wow
[2009-10-25|00:05.17] <&Dates> thats a small penis
[2009-10-25|00:05.20] <&Dates> is that erect?
[2009-10-25|00:05.42] <~whoreface> looks to be
[2009-10-25|00:05.48] <&Dates> thats what i thought
[2009-10-25|00:08.10] <&King_John> it's mutilated
[2009-10-25|00:08.13] <&King_John> it's trying to hide itself
[2009-10-25|00:08.16] <&King_John> it's ashamed
Quote: 86; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[2009-10-23|23:49.10] <+[iG]xfu> hang on... a storm's brewing in my colon... be right back...
[2009-10-23|23:49.38] <+[heh]age> heh...
[2009-10-23|23:51.46] <~King_John> heh...
Quote: 87; Rating: 8; [+|-]
(06:19:16) (shadowtrap) well, I'm a woman..
(06:19:19) (shadowtrap) with a car
(06:19:19) (Stefan) no
(06:19:21) (shadowtrap) and money
(06:19:22) (Stefan) you have a penis
(06:19:29) (shadowtrap) and men
(06:19:32) (Stefan) women have vaginas
Quote: 88; Rating: 18; [+|-]
(06:05:35) (Stefan) pepperoni nipples
(06:05:48) (Stefan) plus the chest acne
(06:05:59) (Stefan) and the 58 yr old lady face
(06:06:00) (shadowtrap) sure
(06:06:03) (shadowtrap) sure
(06:06:17) (Stefan) you look like the church lady from saterday night live
Quote: 89; Rating: 12; [+|-]
Anonymous Stalker

all you faggots talk about on here is chins

no chin, too many chins

change the name of this place to CHINSLUTS and be done with it
Quote: 90; Rating: 11; [+|-]
(sushitrap) as long as you put it in my pooper, i don't care what species you are.
Quote: 91; Rating: 9; [+|-]
(@NotSoVibrant) i have a foreskin
(&Deathcrush) Let's dock.
(@NotSoVibrant) no thanks
(&Deathcrush) Faggot.
Quote: 92; Rating: 8; [+|-]
[03:10|18:00.12] <+dani> oh
[03:10|18:00.16] <+dani> there's no dick
Quote: 93; Rating: 11; [+|-]
(@nago__) I don't think I could have sex with a guy, no matter how good anal feels.
(@nago__) feeling his throbbing member ejaculate deep inside of me is truly a joy I will never experience outside of my dreams
Quote: 94; Rating: 9; [+|-]
(RizBow) i like this conversation.. but it's kinda confuses me where the line is drawn between trolling, making shit up and actual academic excellence
Quote: 95; Rating: 7; [+|-]
(bitemarks) so god bless that idiot. may he find himself a fellow humpy premature ejaculator with a dry dick and may they live happily ever after
Quote: 96; Rating: 9; [+|-]
(bitemarks) so... i was fucking this ginger dude drunk
Quote: 97; Rating: 14; [+|-]
(bitemarks) my cum doesnt get all goopy and floaty. and i normally eat all my jizz anyway.
(bitemarks) recycling is gewd
Quote: 98; Rating: 15; [+|-]
<HeathLedger> why the fuck is my nick HeathLedger
Quote: 99; Rating: 8; [+|-]
<J-kun> I have an unimpressive penis
Quote: 100; Rating: 12; [+|-]
<Jep> I don't think it's a felony if it's just the tongue
Quote: 101; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<J-kun> anyway I know that if you ever drugged me enough for me to keep an erection, if I fucked you it'd rock your tranny world
<J-kun> so anything you say about my penis to the contrary goes in one ear and out my asshole
Quote: 102; Rating: 7; [+|-]
<xfu> is that a euphemism for putting things in your ass
Quote: 103; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<NotSoVibrant> well maybe not that because people wouldnt know it wasnt the turtle being raped
Quote: 104; Rating: 13; [+|-]
<onefriedman> i found the optimal way to fart.
<onefriedman> pull down my pants, hold my ass cheeks open, spread em, and just open up the sphinctor
<onefriedman> it's like a loaded cartridge just ejecting immedately
<onefriedman> it's efficient
<onefriedman> it doesn't get my jeans all smelly
<onefriedman> and it's easy to get a good deep sniff afterwards
Quote: 105; Rating: 15; [+|-]
<nynnie> I'm going to blow liquid shit out of my ass and then workout
Quote: 106; Rating: 10; [+|-]
<compguy> sometimes peeing is the most fun i have all day
Quote: 107; Rating: 13; [+|-]
<compguy> hey adapter, will I be made fun of in navy boot camp if I've shaved my manhood?
Quote: 108; Rating: 11; [+|-]
<incith> duke nukem and cock sucking!  ftw!
Quote: 109; Rating: 19; [+|-]
<Runt> I've only pissed in the sink in my room once, and that was just to prove I could.
Quote: 110; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<witty> im tired of pissing in the sink and having smelly cumtissues in my bin
Quote: 111; Rating: 15; [+|-]
<King_John> everyone who just blew a load into a whore's pussy type 111
<King_John> 111
<King_John> looks like i'm alone on that one, faggots
Quote: 112; Rating: 15; [+|-]
<rusef> you're going "Bruise here bruise there" and yet you cant even fist yourself
Quote: 113; Rating: 11; [+|-]
<garian> wahrheit is as straight as rodney dangerfield walked after a night in vegas
Quote: 114; Rating: 15; [+|-]
<J-kun> protip: omnom can't fit a jar in his ass
Quote: 115; Rating: 11; [+|-]
<J-kun> I feel like faggots are more prone to be furries
Quote: 116; Rating: 9; [+|-]
<ThatBee33> Hell is a cold dark place with country music playing
Quote: 117; Rating: 15; [+|-]
<Sideburns> I'm afraid I'm not going to know some guy's condom fell off in the globs of lube
Quote: 118; Rating: 13; [+|-]
<Sideburns> enema or GTFO
Quote: 119; Rating: 19; [+|-]
<Sissi> when was the last time you got fisted
<Shakey> !help
Quote: 120; Rating: 13; [+|-]
<Rentun> I've spent too long pretending to be a bro, I just can't do it anymore
<Rentun> it's work
<Rentun> I need a group of niggers with whom I can be myself
Quote: 121; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<oceanrave911> i couldnt understand this obsesssion with cum, as if it was a treat, some sort of high pudding or treacle to be smeared like paint on a canvas
Quote: 122; Rating: 24; [+|-]
<Paradox> yeah that's pretty much how I always live.
<Paradox> vegetarian and craving cocks.
Quote: 123; Rating: 10; [+|-]
<King_John> scp wishes it was him peeing on a cute boy
<King_John> and by pee i mean cum
<King_John> and by cum i mean cuddle
<King_John> and by cuddle i mean fuck in the ass
<King_John> and by fuck in the ass i mean pee on
Quote: 124; Rating: 10; [+|-]
<Nyan> I don't like girls clothes
<Nyan> i just like long socks
<badfish> ...
<badfish> (Nyan) I don't like girls clothes
<badfish> (Nyan) i just like long socks
Quote: 125; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[2009-10-23|13:38.08] <&ZubMessiah> MOther = MUm. How is this possible?
[2009-10-23|13:38.38] <&ZubMessiah> an upside down O does not make a U
Quote: 126; Rating: 19; [+|-]
[2009-10-23|13:27.05] <@nex> I'm staying up late so that I can break up with my boyfriend. But I might just do it tomorrow.
[2009-10-23|13:32.23] <@nex> It has come to my attention that plustax is a huge faggot. <3
[2009-10-23|13:35.56] <&King_John> come here and suck my dick instead
[2009-10-23|13:35.57] <&ZubMessiah> it has cme to my attention that you're mom sucks dick
[2009-10-23|13:36.12] <&King_John> you are mom sucks dick
[2009-10-23|13:36.38] <&ZubMessiah> you, sir, are and idiot. :)
[2009-10-23|13:36.41] <&King_John> you are mom sucks dick
Quote: 127; Rating: 15; [+|-]
[11:10|15:59.48] * @Nico pokes John.
[11:10|16:21.42] * &whoreface yiffs Nico's ear
Quote: 128; Rating: 17; [+|-]
[11:10|01:56.32] <&whoreface> fucking trying to sleep for 2 hours now
[11:10|01:56.39] <&whoreface> thought the booze might do it
[11:10|01:56.40] <&whoreface> but no
[11:10|02:25.21] <[heh]xfu> bullets work good
Quote: 129; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[10:10|21:26.10] <NotSoVibrant> making me register and shit
[10:10|21:26.49] <NotSoVibrant> tracking us like cattle
Quote: 130; Rating: 11; [+|-]
[17:01|20:21.29] * Joins: Shintoman (
[17:01|20:21.45] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:21.47] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:21.50] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:21.58] <Shintoman> no matter where they've been
[17:01|20:21.59] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.01] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.04] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.07] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.09] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.16] <Shintoman> but only when they're green
[17:01|20:22.29] <Shintoman> he likes traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.30] <Shintoman> he likes traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.32] <Shintoman> he likes traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.38] <Shintoman> that is what i said
[17:01|20:22.40] <Shintoman> he likes traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.42] <Shintoman> he likes traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.46] <Shintoman> he likes traffic lights
[17:01|20:22.52] <Shintoman> but not when they are red.
[17:01|20:23.01] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights,
[17:01|20:23.02] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights,
[17:01|20:23.04] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights,
[17:01|20:23.16] <Shintoman> althought my name's not Bamber
[17:01|20:23.22] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights,
[17:01|20:23.23] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights,
[17:01|20:23.23] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights,
[17:01|20:23.28] <Shintoman> ....oh god
[17:01|20:24.54] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:24.55] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:24.55] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:25.23] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:25.25] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:25.29] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:25.31] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:25.33] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:25.36] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:25.40] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:25.46] <Shintoman> cause i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:25.49] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:25.50] <Shintoman> i like traffic lights
[17:01|20:29.53] * Quits: Shintoman ( (Quit: I like guessed it, traffic lights)
[17:01|20:31.05] <suicide6x> omg
[17:01|20:35.51] <Dr_Ackula> wtf
[17:01|20:37.09] <@King_John> that was so cool
Quote: 131; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[09:10|21:30.14] <Jack> which server
[09:10|21:33.13] <~King_John> chanvhan
[09:10|21:33.16] <~King_John> always
[09:10|21:33.34] <[heh]age> !minecraft
[09:10|21:33.35] <whoreface> #/b/ server: ; #chanchan server:
[09:10|21:33.46] <nynnie> chancan
[09:10|21:34.38] <[heh]age> get in the chanvan
[09:10|21:34.58] <nynnie> get in my chancan
[09:10|21:41.21] * xefu is now known as [heh]xfu
[09:10|21:41.41] <[heh]xfu> get inside my ass
Quote: 132; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[09:10|21:43.42] <~King_John> hey xfu
[09:10|21:43.44] <~King_John> you should play
[09:10|21:43.55] <~King_John> you could draw lolis or soemthing
[09:10|21:43.58] <~King_John> since that's what you know best
[09:10|21:44.20] <[heh]xfu> i actually never draw lolis
[09:10|21:44.28] <~King_John> you can start now
[09:10|21:44.29] <[heh]xfu> you know me so well
Quote: 133; Rating: 11; [+|-]
[09:10|22:25.12] <[heh]xfu> today at work i was finishing off a chocolate powerbar
[09:10|22:25.20] <[heh]xfu> so i asked a kid if he wanted to see me crap out of my mouth
[09:10|22:25.23] <[heh]xfu> and spit the rest in the trash
[09:10|22:26.02] <Jack> whya re you allowed around children?
Quote: 134; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[10:10|03:50.33] <NotSoVibrant> nynnie come pack my shit for me
[10:10|03:52.11] <Jack> wat
Quote: 135; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[14:10|02:34.49] * Joins: shadowtrap (
[14:10|02:35.22] <shadowtrap> .. better be gone, steffan, you fucking faggot
[14:10|02:35.42] <Jack> no
[14:10|02:35.51] <Jack> was busy shooping your face onto church lady
[14:10|02:35.54] <&whoreface> y so srs?
[14:10|02:35.58] <Jack> and shooping church lady in your butt
Quote: 136; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[14:10|02:18.22] * Joins: shadowtrap (
[14:10|02:18.30] <shadowtrap> Sissi........
[14:10|02:18.44] <shadowtrap> Damn it!
[14:10|02:19.25] <shadowtrap> Nobody is ever in this room...
[14:10|02:19.35] <shadowtrap> I feel so alone
[14:10|02:19.40] <shadowtrap> so isolated
[14:10|02:19.42] <shadowtrap> so afraid
[14:10|02:19.50] <shadowtrap> so wet
[14:10|02:20.20] * Quits: shadowtrap ( (Quit: FUCKDOODLES!)
Quote: 137; Rating: 8; [+|-]
[13:10|07:06.25] <Stefan> you look like the church lady from saterday night live
[13:10|07:21.31] <shadowtrap> well if I was a failtrap you wouldnt have regarded me as "church LADY"
[13:10|07:21.42] <shadowtrap> thats a FEMALE term
[13:10|07:21.43] <shadowtrap> LADY
[13:10|07:21.45] <Stefan> you look like the church lady from SNL
[13:10|07:21.53] <Stefan> who is played by a guy
Quote: 138; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[13:10|07:23.56] <Stefan> you arent paperbag status
[13:10|07:23.58] <Stefan> you are plastic bag
Quote: 139; Rating: 8; [+|-]
[13:10|07:29.39] <shadowtrap> WELL GOOD
[13:10|07:29.56] <shadowtrap> enjoy your MANLINESS
[13:10|07:29.57] <shadowtrap> lol
[13:10|07:30.08] <Stefan> srs
[13:10|07:30.15] <Stefan> ill go back to cutting down trees with my dick
[13:10|07:30.17] <Stefan> sfk
[13:10|07:30.34] <Stefan> ive got to go build a birds nest in my asshole for baby eagles to live in
[13:10|07:30.37] <Stefan> ill brb
Quote: 140; Rating: 7; [+|-]
[2009-10-22|02:06.55] * Joins: Vanonymouse (
[2009-10-22|02:07.33] <Vanonymouse> *pops in* Hellos. *brings weed and shock paddles to bring life back*
[2009-10-22|02:11.17] <Vanonymouse> Ok, so if everyone here is being silent, yet obviously running IRC... where's everyone chatting at? *is bored, and wants to talk, and is eternally confused*
[2009-10-22|02:23.42] <Vanonymouse> hey look, it's Keith David.
[2009-10-22|02:37.10] * Quits: Vanonymouse ( (Quit: )
Quote: 141; Rating: 14; [+|-]
[2009-10-22|06:39.48] * Joins: haloblack (
[2009-10-22|06:39.53] <haloblack> guise
[2009-10-22|06:39.56] <haloblack> vladik died =\
[2009-10-22|06:39.58] <haloblack> from azov
[2009-10-22|06:40.17] * haloblack is now known as rarebear
[2009-10-22|07:14.35] * Quits: rarebear ( (Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 4.22 :: ))
[2009-10-22|07:43.34] <[heh]age> what
[2009-10-22|07:43.39] <[heh]age> vladik died?
[2009-10-22|07:43.41] <[heh]age> from azov
[2009-10-22|08:08.56] <&docklax> good
[2009-10-22|08:09.00] <&docklax> i didnt like that nigga anyway..
Quote: 142; Rating: 19; [+|-]
(&whoreface) but i'll paypal you $5 if you can guess what foreign object is in my butt right now
Quote: 143; Rating: 12; [+|-]
<@King_John> i'll glare at you both until you cry like babbies
<@nynnie> ;-;
<@belair> that doesn't work on me King_John ;-;
Quote: 144; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<@belair> ok. you know those paper wrappers on the mini peanut butter cups?
<@belair> the one i just opened had FIVE of them.
<@nynnie> this is your rucky day!@
Quote: 145; Rating: 13; [+|-]
<@belair> also i need a girl to hold ;-;
<@FlamingPoopsicle> !google Barbie dolls on eBay
Quote: 146; Rating: 17; [+|-]
(@Sissi) this girl taught me the pleasures of anal fisting and that's something i'll miss
Quote: 147; Rating: 8; [+|-]
[2009-07-31|17:33.14] <Rodrigo> i never did nothing wrong
<Rodrigo> and i am from brazil
Quote: 148; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[2009-09-18|04:39.16] * Quits: Sascha ( (Broken pipe)
Quote: 149; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[9:21pm] * Sarah (host@mask.removed) has joined #nanaki
[9:22pm] <nanaki> teh sarah
[9:22pm] * nanaki sets mode: +oo Sarah h8
[9:22pm] <Sarah> heya nanaki ^_^
[9:22pm] <leogeo2> hi Sarah
[9:22pm] <leogeo2> hi nanaki
[9:22pm] <nanaki> hi peoples
[9:23pm] <leogeo2> sup j00
[9:23pm] <Sarah> hey leo
[9:23pm] <Hiryu> doo doo
[9:24pm] <kyrio> hey there you dirty jewbag nigger fags
[9:24pm] * Sarah (host@mask.removed) has left #nanaki
[9:24pm] <nanaki> you scared her away
[9:25pm] <kyrio> lol
Quote: 150; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[2009-10-21|17:18.55] <[heh]age> are you going to tell me why i'm in trouble now...
[2009-10-21|17:19.04] <[heh]age> you know i live for conflict...
[2009-10-21|17:19.26] <~King_John> i told you to spill the beans in order to make your punishment more lenient
[2009-10-21|17:19.53] <[heh]age> i am pleading the fifth
[2009-10-21|17:20.14] <&nynnie> don't do it age
[2009-10-21|17:20.16] <~King_John> you arent black
[2009-10-21|17:20.24] <~King_John> you cant plead the fif
[2009-10-21|17:20.26] <&nynnie> he makes you think you did something wrong so you admit to things he didn't know you did
[2009-10-21|17:20.31] <&nynnie> then he beats you ._.
Quote: 151; Rating: 3; [+|-]
[2009-10-19|00:45.06] <&nynnie> we used to go to the school and climb up the biggest pile of plowed snow that was o nthe side of a hill
[2009-10-19|00:45.09] <&nynnie> and jump off it
[2009-10-19|00:45.15] <&nynnie> one kid broke his leg
[2009-10-19|00:45.19] <&nynnie> and we had to dig him out
[2009-10-19|00:45.40] <&nynnie> I miss snow
Quote: 152; Rating: 13; [+|-]
13:49:57 logged in as V97
13:50:11  V97 says: the jail is open
13:50:13  V97 says: can i come out?
13:50:19  kyrios says: sure
13:52:40  V97 says: this is disgusting
13:52:47  kyrios says: lol
13:54:02  V97 says: are you going to leave those buildings up?
13:54:31  kyrios says: why not
13:54:44  V97 says: because there was a swastika inside
13:54:48  kyrios says: and
13:54:52  V97 says: and in blue leatters
13:54:56  V97 says: in front of the building
13:55:03  V97 says: read "jews did this"
13:55:07  kyrios says: so what is the problem
13:55:14  V97 says: it's bigoted
13:55:17  kyrios says: how so
13:55:34  V97 says: it's a misrepresentation of the worst tragedy
13:55:40  V97 says: that has ever befallen america
13:55:44  kyrios says: LOL
13:55:48  kyrios says: americans are retards
13:55:52  kyrios says: and that wasnt a tragedy
Quote: 153; Rating: 19; [+|-]
13:20:05  ********* logged in as Apollo64
13:20:36  Apollo64 says: is one MASSIVE satanic symbol...
Quote: 154; Rating: 9; [+|-]
<Not_Bec> you don;t even expect to know shit
Quote: 155; Rating: 9; [+|-]
<Not_Bec> you jyst think you knpw
Quote: 156; Rating: 9; [+|-]
<Not_Bec> you fing knw shit
Quote: 157; Rating: 12; [+|-]
<Not_Bec> you woun;t fing know shit
Quote: 158; Rating: 9; [+|-]
<Not_Bec> wtf what the fuck did i do?
Quote: 159; Rating: 16; [+|-]
<Not_Bec> but cause your a fagget then age
Quote: 160; Rating: 4; [+|-]
<Not_Bec> its what my genetistits say I am
Quote: 161; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<Not_Bec> I actually do wear a ie to work :/
<Not_Bec> not out full time as a girk yet
Quote: 162; Rating: 9; [+|-]
<Not_Bec> ya not bad, concidering
Quote: 163; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2009-07-31|07:03.09] <Not_bec> depends what you where after I guess
Quote: 164; Rating: 6; [+|-]
[2009-08-01|10:25.05] <Not_bec> oh time and date too
<Not_bec> their getting better
Quote: 165; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2009-08-06|08:27.17] <Not_bec_> no right windos
Quote: 166; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2009-08-06|09:00.02] <Not_bec_> ok well you just be a haro then
Quote: 167; Rating: 19; [+|-]
[2009-10-03|00:01.24] <Bekky> you must have nothing better to do today, that argure, with a trap, that you obviously don;t like
Quote: 168; Rating: 9; [+|-]
(11:02:46 PM) Giraffe: so i tried to do something in C++ and failed
(11:03:17 PM) Giraffe: i now feel worthless as a human being
Quote: 169; Rating: 16; [+|-]
[03:03|08:58.37] | <age> i think nine inch nails is a pretty cool guy. eh has a head like a hole and doesnt afraid of anything
Quote: 170; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[26:07|22:01] PC:  even though a pile of shit on a harddrive is better then me
Quote: 171; Rating: 11; [+|-]
[19:07|23:27] kow: and the lawyer said something like "if your virtual goods were stolen then maybe you should contact a virtual lawyer"
Quote: 172; Rating: 10; [+|-]
<ckx> women ask for it
<ckx> they act all old and mature
<ckx> and then you stick your cock up their ass
<ckx> and they get all bitchy
<ckx> "I"M ONLY 13, I'M ONLY 13!!!"
Quote: 173; Rating: 25; [+|-]
[20:12] <@nanaki> whenever i end up having teh sex with her, it's so topiclocked
[20:12] <@nanaki> because i'm gonna beat so many people in this chan who should have gotten it before me
Quote: 174; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[22:00] <@jalljo> no we only accept pounds of tuna
Quote: 175; Rating: 7; [+|-]
[16:10|22:45] <@Cannon> fucken peeps are rootin' the rooters lately
[16:10|22:45] <@Cannon> givin viruses to the viruses
Quote: 176; Rating: 8; [+|-]
[25:08|00:46.59] <@King_John> LET ME REAM YOUR ASS WITH MY COCK
[25:08|00:47.04] <@King_John> MY COCK IS LONG AND HARD
[25:08|00:47.07] <@King_John> LONG AND HARD
Quote: 177; Rating: 8; [+|-]
[03:10|15:17.09] <@Dr_Ackula> any belief in a god is ilogical and defies reason and logic
[03:10|15:17.14] <@Saffron> exactly
[03:10|15:17.22] <@Saffron> that's what odinism is so cool.
Quote: 178; Rating: 7; [+|-]
[29:10|21:45.04] <@ToastyX> what does an oil slick and a gay nigger have in common?
[29:10|21:45.06] <@ToastyX> it's black, but you see rainbow colors
Quote: 179; Rating: 7; [+|-]
<Skinner8> Slack and get through school fine or slack and don't get through school fine. There is no try.
Quote: 180; Rating: 10; [+|-]
[01:12|02:24.54] <@k\o\w>
[01:12|02:24.54] <@k\o\w> wow
[01:12|02:32.37] <@MasterCD> lol
[01:12|02:33.53] <@nago> WHAT the fuck is that
[01:12|02:35.21] <@MasterCD> thats me in a few  years
[01:12|02:35.30] <@MasterCD> raping women next to the rail road tracks......sigh...
Quote: 181; Rating: 11; [+|-]
[2009-02-26|12:07.09] <age> john i made $4.50 from kiwi.lurkmore .-. how does it feel to know you've helped me to become the success that i am today
<nd> a modern day success story
Quote: 182; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[2009-02-25|22:51.11] <J-kun> I need nd around more often
<King_John> he's always here
* Quits: nd (~fll@ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Quote: 183; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<Randomness> the most smartest inventor of all time
Quote: 184; Rating: 3; [+|-]
<Olli> i hope ALL of you die. individually. so that you can all grieve over the loss of each of the unbelievably ridiculous people that have crawled out of your lives. I hope you all die painfully and slowly. Drowning in pools of your own filth and misfortune at being scarred and burdened with the most repuslive personalities.
Quote: 185; Rating: 15; [+|-]
<@King_John> ah
<@King_John> i remember why now
<@King_John> we went to the bedroom first
<Nyan-Kun> what?
<@King_John> then after ripping her apart for a while i remembered that i hadnt showered
<Nyan-Kun> ...
<@King_John> so i tossed her off me and told her we'd take a shower together
<Nyan-Kun> John
<@King_John> then i raped her
<Nyan-Kun> are you a rapis-
Quote: 186; Rating: 14; [+|-]
<nd> no one here but john-sama understands the true majesty that is nd
<nynnie> ;-;
<nd> and for that, i will esteem him as my peer forever
<nd> you lowly poopbuckets will never compare
<DocHolliday> so your qualification for a peer is someone who recognizes how great you are?
<age> nd why did you leave me hanging ;_;
<nd> it's one qualification. there are other ways. but that is one of the best
Quote: 187; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[2008-11-26|14:30.01] <dandylion> it's like asking how a unicorn does anything
[2008-11-26|14:30.03] <dandylion> it just does
[2008-11-26|14:30.06] <dandylion> its a fucking unicorn
Quote: 188; Rating: 9; [+|-]
[05:10|09:52.51] | <@J-kun> fat chicks suck dick like it's got the antidote
Quote: 189; Rating: 12; [+|-]
[01:09|22:18.40] | <Sissi> My girlfriend once had to call in because she had to tuck her pussy lips back in
Quote: 190; Rating: 4; [+|-]
got back from the pub where i heard bout this camwhoring & found you. your gorgeous whatever your hairs like etc. don't get half of whats said (internet talk) but the pics made it worth while!
Quote: 191; Rating: 11; [+|-]
[31:07|21:17.56] | <d3t0x> im the guy that said u had a small cock
[31:07|21:18.00] | <@J-kun> k
[31:07|21:18.04] | <d3t0x> ring a bell?
[31:07|21:18.04] | <@J-kun> I get told that a lot
[31:07|21:18.11] | <d3t0x> oh..
[31:07|21:18.24] | <@J-kun> that's right up there with "you look 16" and "please stop harassing my children"
Quote: 192; Rating: 13; [+|-]
[19:04|23:11.54] | <Keiri> when a black person and a white person have a baby isn't that evolution
Quote: 193; Rating: 7; [+|-]
Quote: 194; Rating: 11; [+|-]
Quote: 195; Rating: 14; [+|-]
[25:03|00:30.05] | <Gmon> where do I download files?
[25:03|00:30.54] | <King_John> where do i get brain?
[25:03|00:30.57] | <Gmon> hello?
[25:03|00:31.10] | <Gmon> where do I get the ISOs for psx?
[25:03|00:31.10] | <King_John> hello? hello?
[25:03|00:31.20] | <King_John> where do i get the cells for grey matter?
Quote: 196; Rating: 12; [+|-]
<nanaki> ok so i have established that this channel is populated by four types of people, each making up approximately 1/4, so it's a pretty even division: 1. fucking cool dudes like me and Skinner8; 2. fucking creepy dudes like Lib; 3. girls who are pretty much normal and sometimes rather cute; 4. FUCKING TRANSSEXUALS
Quote: 197; Rating: 13; [+|-]
<TheFluffyOne> Hey, you know the saying: After 8 it's too late.
Quote: 198; Rating: 11; [+|-]
sa: REDHEADS are becoming rarer and could be extinct in 100 years, according to genetic scientists.
sa: uh oh
John: oh, i already knew that
sa: lol
sa: it's too bad because when a redhead is hot she's smoking
John: like
John: cigarettes?
Quote: 199; Rating: 14; [+|-]
>> Anonymous 03/17/07(Sat)23:25 No.137042  >>137032  How does a deaf,blind, and retarded person express their desire to die?
>> Anonymous 03/18/07(Sun)00:02 No.137055  >>137042  EEEEERRRREEEEEEEEAUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Quote: 200; Rating: 19; [+|-]
[28:05|00:07.44] | <michael910> metrosexual?
[28:05|00:07.53] | <witty> no i dont use public transportation
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